Wilson Staff Spine Driver Review

Wilson Spine Driver 12

It's often said that within a couple of minutes we can decide whether on first viewing of a house, we can turn it into a home. Looks different and has an unusual impact sound. It was a bullet with a medium trajectory. Feel is a bit muted which did affect my ability to shape my shots, but it wasn't enough to change my opinion. Best tips and instruction.

The prominent ridge line on the top of the club that resembles a spine, reinforces the face behind the impact area for greater ball speed at impact. As long as you do not overswing, and let the club do its job, this driver will send it down the middle with a low and swift trajectory, time after time. This driver will be my undisputed favorite on windy days. It's long and straight which many high handicappers strive for. Alright, it sounds a bit goofy but who cares.

Cant wait to pick them up from my brothers as I pass thru Canada. It does sound a bit tinny, but when you drive that distance who cares. It does sound very hollow compared to most drivers I have used but if it improves your game does that really matter?


My first impression of the Wilson Staff Spine driver, I have to admit, didn't fill me with confidence. Wilson Staff Spine driver, showing head profiles and shaft. Bottom line, vostro 200 audio driver consistency and forgiveness are the selling points here and Wilson's offering does a wonderful job.

Don't be put off by the square-style shape of the head and the sunken crown which can offend the traditionalist. This club has given me great confidence. It sounds terrible and has a very hollow pinging sound and is not good! Spin is certainly lowered to provide some zip on landing and excellent total distance.

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Hitting from a downhill lie. Ignore, too, the predominantly white shaft and high pitched sound coming from the reinforced face.

Wilson spine driver 12

Wilson Infinite Bucktown Putter Review. The Wilson Spine driver is certainly eye-catching and very easy to hit, as you would expect from this style of club. Not one of them had the control of the Spine. The Spine powered one out to yards of carry.

Wilson Staff Spine Driver ReviewWilson Spine Driver Review

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Similarly, whether on meeting a new applicant for a job interview, we can see ourselves working with them or not. Latest Tips and Instruction. Like Harrington, I could hardly miss a fairway, which gave me growing confidence to complete a full backswing instead of my usual tendency to steer my tee shots into play. Low centre of gravity for higher launch comes from redistributing weight from the centre of the crown to the perimeter, hence the spine effect, which also reinforces the face behind the impact area.

The head sits very closed and there is a bit to much going on with alignment aids and groves on the top of the club. This is a must buy for any golfer with a high handicap in my opinion. Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters. Max Golf Protein Dark Chocolate milkshake drink. This week I gave it another chance and took it to the range ahead of a midweek medal competition - my first of the year.

The Wilson Spine driver is not for me. It performed a lot better than it looked, and Jon gave it four out of five across the other three categories. Rory McIlroy files for European Tour membership at last minute! Your review title You must enter a title. There also might be a loss of distance against the other drivers mentioned, but the amount is negligible in my opinion yards in my testing which was still in the yards range.

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It seems to fly through the air so easily and I honestly believe this has given me more control. Be not afraid of this driver's asthetics, sound at impact or brand stamp.

The first thing you note is that it is actually quite lite? Your email address You must enter a valid email address. It's an almost intangible gut feeling. The ball flight is fairly flat, but I was always feeling that I opening the club face up way to much to stop me hitting it straight left.

The noise at impact is not good either. Ball striking drill - Use your hands.

Bought this club recently and found it easy to line the club up to the ball. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. In fact I'm going to stand here all day until I miss the fairway! Your name You must enter your name.

The head looks big and confidence-inspiring at address but despite the occasional solid strike I couldn't learn to love it. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. It says it gives a higher flight but I have found that if placed on a lower tee it seems to respond a lot better than off a higher tee.