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Williams Fw32 Gold Series Driver

What they both need is precision. It can clearly compete with the well-known and well-established companies in the golf industry. With that said there is no one-way to get the ball in the hole. Beaver Creek Resort Keystone Resort.

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It is not tinny in any way. The flow neck just blends right into the head seamlessly for a really nice look at address. This putter will definitely makes its way into the rotation. If you really want these shipped, we could figure out how, but obviously it would be more convenient for to get them locally. The precision needed for a racecar is far more important than a putter, but it is nice to know and see how perfect the mill marks and the angles are made.

The accessories are top shelf. Being offered out of hong kong or scottsdale, az. Wilson Staff Infinite Michigan Ave.

Be the first to review this item! It was very similar, just a slightly different weight, but the bend profile and feel were very similar.

Thus the feel and distance control are excellent. It even comes with a book that describes the purpose of each fin and shows their wind tunnel testing to prove it. Out side of the precision, the beauty of this putter is second to none.

Williams fw32 gold series driver

This combination gave it a solid crisp feel. Username or Email Address. It is really an art form that varies from one golfer to the next. The other aspect of putting is distance control. It had that good sweet spot pop, with a sense of force behind the ball.

For a company's first driver, it is an excellent product. The sound on this driver is a very pleasant muted thwack. On the course, all those fins, foils and weights worked well to create one of the straighter hitting drivers I have put in the bag. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. It is a wider, flatter head overall.

It was off by just a tiny amount, but putting is a game of millimeters. The Union Jack headcover is what you would expect with such a classy putter. Even the amateur knows that the days they putt well are the days they score well. Contact Us info intheholegolf. The putter is topped with a black stitchback grip.

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The Williams putters are milled at the same shop that they mill some of their car parts. Again Williams impressed me with their precise milling, attention to detail and beauty of their product. To compliment this finish, we have chosen a rich metallic color to bring out the luster of the gold plating. The Gold Series will separate itself from the other series by modifications to the cosmetics and finish of each product.

This series will share the same material and aerodynamic advancements that are core foundation of Williams. In fact, your designated driver san jose I don't even know if Williams ever officially launched them elsewhere. The Gold Series from Williams Sports will target the golfer that is looking for something outside the traditional realm of golf club styling.

At address it looked very square to my eyes. They decided to bring that passion and science to the golf club industry. The head weight felt prefect at grams because the thick face has a low back flange. It didn't blow them away, but it was no slouch.

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