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Open to sensible offers and also swaps. Complete with original open sites. This air rifle has now been sold.

Second hand Hammerli Perfecta air rifle for sale. This behaviour is, and always has been against Forum Rules as well as the specific stipulations of the Adults forum and it will no longer be tolerated. Hitherto, John, who worked for the B. If it flies, floats or fornicates, generally it is cheaper to rent.

Just like Ghengis said, it's on the bolt side of the breech, just past the magazine bracket. Lest they were confused with other characters, I and Q were not utilised, so the date letters to were as follows. New Derbyshire Trade Seller.

The rule is calibrated in millemetres. Thursday am until pm Friday am until pm Saturday am until pm. Try Leicestershire Airsoft. Second hand Theoben gas ram air rifle in. Second hand Webley Ospray side lever air rifle for sale.

Hotmail addresses include. Hammerli Seeker package in. All firearms sold to private individuals in the U. Second hand Hammerli Air Magnum.

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New West Sussex Trade Seller. They were literal marks in the form. Prices to suit all budgets. Many, but not all, of our pages carry date information on the various rifles illustrated or discussed, where it has been possible to be sure of data.

Their Pylarm pellets were re-branded Eley Wasps. Second hand Crosman B Ratcatcher. Is that good or bad if it's a prototype does that mean it's not what was released to general sale. As far as we are aware, poetry dating all B.

Second hand air guns wanted. Second hand Baikal k for sale. However, date marks such as are under discussion and described below, are usually out of sight on the under-side of the barrel, and removal of fore-end furniture may be necessary to find them. Second hand air rifles for sale. Commission sale - Daystate Huntsman.

The number below identified the inspector. This is unnecessarily time-consuming and will no longer happen - if your advert doesn't follow the Sales Rules it will be deleted and you'll have to start all over again. Second hand Webley Excel for sale. New Herefordshire Trade Seller.

We will not hesitate to ban offenders. Some of the models shown along with prices may be incorrect so please contact us if you are unsure. Second hand Air Arms S air rifle for sale.

Second hand Webley Cub for sale. Company for many years and holds most of those records not destroyed in enemy bombing raids on the factories during the War, has been willing to help date a particular B. Second hand Air Arms Pro Sport air rifle for sale, hottest dating site scope included. Second hand Webley Tracker for sale. It comes fitted with age related scope and mounts.

Dating a Vintage BSA Airgun & Serial Numbers Air Rifle SA Forums

Where is the serial number and how do you date the rifle it is the bsa ultra multi shot tactical stock in. View basket Empty basket Checkout. Such a purchase additionally supports such researchers and their work, and is, long term, to the benefit of us all.

New Somerset Trade Seller. It is to be found under the barrel just foreward of the receiver, and requires removal of the fore-end woodwork to view. Rifles without modern proof still regularly appear on the market, having lain in store for decades. Second hand Crosman xl for sale. Do remember, though, that date information coded with proof and Proof-House inspection, viewing or identification marks, does not necessarily coincide with the date of manufacture.

Left handed stock but can easliy be used right handed. We are always looking to buy good used airguns. No, create an account now. Leicestershire Airguns have a selection of used airguns for sale.

Date marks for the London Proof House did not commence until and are therefore of limited value in dating classic rifles. As far as civilian rifles are concerned, some manufacturers have their own dating systems, with, for example, prefixes or suffixes to serial numbers providing that information. We have the largest selection of airguns on display in Leicester. Cheapest airguns in Leicester. Leicestershire Airguns on Facebook.

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Airguns of Arizona

This air rifle has been sold. Please only text or email. Great Air rifle, good condition. For sale, school rare Anschutz Hakim underlever air rifle.


BSA Air Rifles for sale
  • The second hand air guns below have all been sold.
  • It is worth mentioning one or two books in particular from which much data relevant to this website's subject matter can be sought.
  • It may not be immediately obvious, but careful observation may provide you with the information for which you are looking.
  • However, if an estimate of the rifle's age from other sources closely matches the date marks, then you probably have pinned down when it was made within a year or so.
  • We have selected this collection of links to other related websites.
Dating an old BSA air rifle (PRE 2ND WW)
Dating and valuing a BSA Airsporter and a BSA Cadet Major

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Question - Dating BSA Air Gun Pellets

Second hand air rifle and air pistols for sale. It's only had a couple of dozen pellets fired through it. This is nothing new, and proof-house date marks from years past may still not indicate the rifle's date of manufacture.


  1. Second hand Gamo Compact target pistol with original case, single shot.
  2. The gun has a skull and flames marking on the receiver and arabic lettering on the rear receiver block.
  3. This air rifle package deal has been sold.
  4. As a result much of this behaviour has gone unnoticed unless it has been reported to us.
  5. Hotmail block emails from us entering your inbox.

The links below will help you find your manufacture date by Serial Number

Fortunately, many of these scholars make their work available to the public in reference books, and details of a number of the most useful ones are to be found in our Bibliography. This air pistol is no longer available. Air Arms S classic with walnut stock.

New and Used BSA Air Rifles

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