Adams Speedline LS Driver

Adams Speedline 9064ls Driver

Again, guys, this game is all about loving the gear and having confidence to use it. If yes, what difference would you say there is? Since our testers come from a range of handicaps, and most will admit that bad swings can happen to anyone, we protect the clubs to ensure that they look the same for all of our testers. How are trade values determined?

Overall, with the right shaft for your swing, this is as good as any driver on the market and hands down better than most. Our stores are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. Spare me running the brand down.

Adams LS Driver - FIRST LOOK

Your testing procedures are flawed do to the tape. But read on and find out why I am a whole lot more excited now. Unfortunately the newer review style requires a ridiculous amount of very specific formatting of data to generate those charts. Other then the black finish the shape is totally different.

They seem to be based after what the hard core golfer wants to see. Need help selling or trading your clubs?

And so far they are delivering. It definitely has a low trajectory which i prefer and the shot dispersion is much better. Might be possible if we still have the data from the testing phase on this driver. Why are there no values for my used golf clubs? Golf is my crack cocaine I guess.

Makes the driver several swing points heavier. Then most hit their driver. Firstly, the gross majority of drivers are overpriced.

SpecCheck Rating

Adams 9064LS Driver

Adams ls driver

Definitely getting more yards off the tee! The contact of ball feels good and sounds great. The Pro let me take it out to hit a few balls.

Mint Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total. The distance was outstanding, though what sold me was the ease in which I could work the ball. In person, it looks like its a black top, with blue underside.

Adams speedline 9064ls driver

Of course, in this case, what I mean by stiff is actually stable. Good point, they are rebates and not the real price I guess. Awesome feeling to watch the ball soar out of sight and hear the other guts ohhh in jealosy. Have hit a few in the last few days, indoors.

Like we often do when we receive a new club, we tested the specifications against the manufacturers stated specs. Can this review be updated to include that information? Some may perfer a different shaft, but ya need to give this driver a shot, before the other usual suspects! They are all awsome products.


It is no secret that we really like what Adams Golf is doing the last couple years in regards to their product development. Thankfully Adams has replaced the teal with black.

Recognizing this awesome review is of a Gamma shaft model, could you confirm that my understanding is correct? The shaft is really cool with great graphics that are kind of raised up and it is menacing looking. Can I trade in more than one item?

Did you order via Golfsmith or some other dealer? But both make a top-notch set of sticks. Will you be giving this club a try when it is released and what do you think about the trend of all black finishes on clubs?

My ball flight is low and I use a stiff flex shaft. You really think it looks like the new Titleist? Whatever your experience, good or bad, get a few sessions in on which to base your decision. Want MyGolfSpy's email newsletter? Just read this review today and was shocked to not see anything about side spin.


Adams has an opportunity to become a real enthusiast brand that bolsters that business with their amazing hybrids and iron sets. This is one of the reasons we like Adams new products over the last couple years. Now, with Adams new line, asus p5n73-am vga drivers for xp I am going to black in a very good way. Add all of that to the sleek black finish and this driver pairs performance with style. Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid.

Most obvious trait was it hit much straighter than my other two drivers i. They look great, but are too tip-soft.

In terms of forgiveness the blows the D away. The Gamma orange eyes is like a mid-high launch shaft. Not unlike sound, getting our testers to give us a meaningful rating for feel can be a bit tricky.